New Year Theme Party Services

Event management companies can easily manage the dance as well as dinner parties. They can make your annual celebration a perfect memorable one. Whatever the occasion is, they manage everything from lighting to dinner arrangements. We at Radiance events understand the budget and time constraints, and other general issues that often surround most of the events. Whether it’s an annual dinner party or theme party needing a dose of all fresh theme ideas or concept, you can rest assured that we’ve got the skills, experience, time as well as capabilities to turn your event into an unparallel occasion.

From the dinner to the banquet we physically extend our full hearted assistance at every step. We take care of all the extras including, but not limited to, exact & accessible locations, advanced technology, superior entertainment games and mind-hijacking themes that transport your corporate guests into a new sphere of dazzling extravaganza!

Corporate events:

  • Stage Setup Decorations
  • Flower Decorations
  • Western Pattern Decorations
  • Food Catering
  • Cakes
  • Name Revealing
  • Host